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What was your deciding factor in choosing the Hills Team to represent you?


When you think about your Real Estate experience what stands out most in your mind?

Your advice was SPOT ON! Your team took control and made the process enjoyable!
B & J
1.What was the deciding factor for you choosing the Hills Team?

Extremely positive word of mouth from others.

2. When you think about your Real Estate experience what stands out most in our mind?

Great Communication!

3. How could it have been a more positive experience.

Can't think of anything..... We are very happy with the service we recieved
H & C
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team to sell our home was their reputation and past experience with John Hill.

What stands out most in your mind about your real estate experience?
The ease in dealing with your team and the confidence we had in them.

Their service was outstanding!
Brenda and Tom
We have always been extremely pleased with the Halton Homes Team.
Three words that would describe our recent Real Estate experience would be: efficient,professional, friendly.
Having a team was advantageous: because there is always some one to serve our needs .
How could the Halton Homes Team improve their service: Nothing I can think of...
Frank and Andrea
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team was from friends who had great feedback working with them in the past.

What stands out most in our mind when we think about our real estate experience is the amount of attention that was put into finding our first home, and working with us and our odd scheduling.

Rated: Highest rating of '5' across the board
Respect and Courtesy
Your needs and interest put first
Professionalism: Real Estate process was explained
Knowledge shared with you
Concerns and challenges dealt with
Communication with you was:
Confidence in referring the HHT to others
Overall opinion of your Real Estate experience.
Corie and Brad
We chose the HHT based on a referral from another client.

What stands out most in our mind regarding our real estate experience is the 'drone' and virtual tour..that was a nice touch.
-Professionalism and good staging!

Cari and Paul
What was most important to you in deciding which person to list or buy from?
Answer: Integrity, honesty, dedicated

When you think about your real estate experience, what stands out most in your mind?
Answer: diligent & polite always
The deciding factor for us in choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent us was after seeing a house online for sale with the HHT. After meeting Anita we enjoyed speaking with her so wanted to continue working with her.
We felt comfortable and confident working with the team. The service was personalized and friendly throughout the process.
We are very please with the Halton Homes Team. Thank you
Dustin & Shannon
A recommendation from Kathy Ellis was the deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team.

What stands out most in our minds regarding our recent Real Estate experience is that we received immediate answers to our concerns.

Our experience was positive in every aspect!
Thomas and Pamela
When you think about your Real Estate experience what stands out most in your mind?
How quickly our home sold and for above asking.

The deciding factor in choosing the HHT to represent us was our past experience with Matthew Hill.

How could the HHT improve their service?
Matthew & Rosanna
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent us was "meeting Matthew and feeling like he understood our unique home needs'

What stands out most in your mind about your Real Estate experience?
'The exceptional service without any pressure to settle for anything less than what we wanted.'

How could the HHT improve their service to provide a more positive experience?
'No room for improvement, Already Awesome' Thanks Matthew and Team!
Ross and Karen
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes team to represent us was the fact that they had trust with the broker. When we think about our real estate experience what stands out the most in our minds is how quick and easy the whole experience was, we always felt that Chris was one step ahead of us the entire time.

It would be tough to have a more positive experience then what we had with Chris, very good job!

Rory and Caleigh
What was the most important to you in deciding which person to list or buy from?

Answer: Trust.

When you think about your real estate experience , what stands out most in your mind?

Answer: How easy it was.

What could our Associate do to improve their service and provide a more positive real estate experience?

Answer: Matthew and the team were wonderful! Thank you
Trust was definitely the most important in deciding which agent to use. Also understanding our needs, and patience. Our agent Anita Huggins' patience and determination to find our dream home was evident. Just keep up the good work! Our experience was great!
Ivan and Rosemary
I have dealt with Glenda Hughes for all of the property I have bought and sold over more than 20 years. She is a great real estate agent. She is always available to show me a property at any time and can answer any questions I have immediately. The service I have always received from Glenda has been very professional.
Glenda was an excellent agent due to her perserverance and client focus. We would definitely use or recommend Glenda to friends and family.
Hi Matthew-

Just wanted to let you know that everything went smoothly on Friday, and we
started our gradual move into the house over the weekend. Rob and I
sincerely appreciate all your help and work, you made the experience very
positive and fun for us.....we're so happy with our house!

We also appreciate the contacts you recommended to us,Carolyn, Mike and
Yves. We met with Mike on Saturday and really liked him. What a far cry from
my crazy insurance brokers!

We are so happy with how awesome everyone has been, from you helping us find
our home and Carolyn helping with Mortgage issues and Mike with insurance
and Yves with the thorough inspection...

Thank you so much - I hope to never move again, but you never know....if we
do we'll certainly give you a call! We will also highly recommend you,
Carolyn, Mike and Yves to friends and co-workers :)

Have a great day and thanks again for everything-
Joanne & Rob
Anita Huggins was our sales representative working with her team at Halton Homes. Anita along with Matt maintained a positive attitude throughout our selling process; understood our individual needs and were always respectful and courteous. They kept us informed each step of the way. As a result of their work we finished well. Thank you Anita and Matt!
Paul Collins
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent us was our past experience. We bought a house with Matt and he has been a good resource in our years in Georgetown. There really was no one else considered. He has offered his advise/opinion over the years. We can't imagine what the HHT team could do any better. Matt even offered to help move boxes to storage. I can't recommend Matt highly enough!
Kelly and Adam
On a scale from 1 (horrible) to 5(Great) we rated the halton homes team 5's accross the board in respect and courtesy, needs and interest put first, professionalism, knowledge shared with us, concerns and challenges, communication with us, and last but not least the confidence we have in refering the halton homes team to others.

We chose to work with the Halton Homes team because Anita Huggins, our agent, was a childhood friend. We value her ethics and professionalism and thought of Anita first when we decided to sell our home.

The Halton Homes team provides a lot of expertise and experience. The interactions with agents, office personnel and open house reps were very positive.

Continue your excellent level of expertise and care. It was greatly appreciated we definitly recommend Halton Homes.

Thanks everyone!
Chris and Lee Ann

We have used the Halton Homes Team multiple times and every time we decide to come back because they are incredibly friendly and very committed to making our experience of buying and selling a home a great one.

We continue to recommend you to others. Keep up the good work! Loved the experience yet again.

Mark and Alyssa

We were initially interested in working with you from your past experience working with my father, you continued to keep in touch even years after working with him. As our agent you kept us up to date on everything and we were able to see properties of interest very fast. Having you help us find a new home was exciting, informative and just plain awesome! Keep doing what you are doing, it worked for us and we were very happy to have you as our agent.

Thanks you again Anita, You Rock!!
Rob and Ashley
The Halton Homes Team was recommended by a friend plus we used Johnson Associates when we bought in 1974.

When you think about your real estate experience, what stands out most in your mine?
They understood what I was looking for. The experience was a very positive one, Thank you!
I just purchased my second home with the help of Glenda and as a result wanted to write this thank you letter as I had such a wonderful experience. I couldn't be happier with my new home or with the experience in buying it. Glenda really went out of her way to make my home buying experience a fun and exciting one. I never felt pressured to buy a particular home and Glenda was extremely knowledgeable and able to answer all of my questions thoroughly and immediately.

Although I am thrilled with my home and don't plan on moving again any time soon, when the time comes I couldn't see myself with any other real estate agent. I would encourage everyone to let Glenda work for you and make your home buying experience as incredible as mine was!

Thanks Glenda!

An absolute pleasure and we will highly recommend the Halton Homes Team to future prospects. Smooth effortless, stress free communication.
Sherri & Richard Van Dyk
To Whom It May Concern:
It is a pleasure to write this recommendation of Matthew Hill as a realtor. We recently needed to sell our home in Georgetown quite quickly. We knew Matthew had sold other homes in the neighbourhood and contacted him to work with us. Right from the start, Matthew came fully prepared and was both extremely professional and personable. His ability to assess our needs, pay attention to detail and keep a sense of humour in a potentially emotionally demanding time were all strong attributes. We always felt that he had our best interests in mind. Matthew demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of the Halton region and an up-to-date sense of real estate trends. In particular, we appreciated his ability to coordinate good contacts in the trades community to help with finishing touches before we sold. Telephone calls and emails were always responded to promptly and thoughtfully. Most importantly we felt we could trust Matthew to work hard for us. We have been very pleased with the result as our home sold in only 7 days! The entire experience definitely exceeded our expectations!
We highly recommend Matthew Hill as an excellent realtor and most importantly a great person to work with.
Sincere thanks,
Amanda Vallillee and Craig MacVichie
Dear Matthew:
Roger and I would like to thank you and John for your professionalism and personal help in selling our home. You became part of our family with your encouragement and sincere interest in our house selling. You also took interest in our needs. When our house did not sell immediately you very wisely brought Savvy Home Stagers in to give us advice on what to change and how to stage our home to bring about a successful sale which helped us receive the price we wanted.
After our home sold we started looking for a new home in the Muskoka area. This is when we realized even more what a superb job you had done for us. We met up with realtors that very clearly were not at all that interested in helping us find a home. They would say look at our listings in the office, and leave it at that. We are clients who need a home, would put in a firm offer with no financing. We thought that any realtor would be anxious to help us. It took us a month before we finally found one that would actually give us the personal service that we needed. She is very much like you and we are thankful for that.
When we went into houses that are for sale we found that there was no staging and obviously they had not been given the advice that we had, which was to get rid of clutter, keep bathrooms clean, get rid of a lot of personal items and pictures, tone down the bright glaring wall colours and make a home that the client could see themselves living in.
Thanking you once again, we wish you continued success in your future with Johnson Associates Halton Ltd.
Yours truly,
Roger and Gail MacKay
The most important items to us in choosing a realtor was honesty, knowledge and constant communication.
What stood out most was how much work and effort was put into selling our house on time!
The Halton Homes Team was truly outstanding! I would recommend this team and company to everyone!
Damien & Sara
This is a commendation for the exquisite Glenda Hughes.

Just over a year ago Glenda gave us more energy, talent and support than any real estate agent we've ever worked with. She's beyond a pro....she's a real and true treasure!

We seem to be gypsies in that we have moved numerous times in the last 25 years .... 10 times. (And in my life alone, I have moved 29 times.) So we know whereof we speak.

We have been remiss in not sending this letter sooner, however high praise is always a welcome thing....no matter when it comes.

We will continue to sing her praises forever and if we ever know of anyone moving to or from Halton Hills you can be assured that we would recommend Glenda above anyone else.

Ray and Lynda
Thanks John! An outstanding job in every way. Purchasing our home with John & his team was a big help with our move to Georgetown. Also a big thank you for the referral to the team in Mississauga who sold our home. I will be happy to mention your team to anyone who inquires about an upcoming move.

Anita seemed to have a good understanding of what I was looking for after showing me only a couple of places...and boy did she get it right!..It was all so effortless, I thought it can't be this easy.
kathinka Dreger
Glenda and team go way above and beyond the call of duty. She is amazing - helpful, caring, knowledgeable. You really could not ask for a better experience.
David and Katherine
Hi John and Matthew,

E. and I just received your package in the mail yesterday. Thank you so much for all of the useful information. I particularly loved the "we are moving" cards!

When we started the whole process of looking for a home in Georgetown, we really wanted to move, and quickly, but we were not ready with all of the renovations and cosmetic changes that needed to be completed in our house. Between working full-time and the two kids and all of the challenges that go along with that, we never found the time to do what we had to do to make our house ready for market. It wasn't until we met John in that open house that we realized we really were ready to move (at least emotionally ready) and we decided we better step up and finish all the things around the house and just get on with it.

We hadn't even given any thought to who we would use in terms of a realtor, however when we met John, we knew right away, from just a short conversation, that he would be perfect for us. We had no idea that along with John and his 30 years experience, we'd also get the services of Matthew, which was a big bonus. Although we didn't have the opportunity to meet Glenda, I'm sure we would have been just as pleased with her as we were with the two of you.

From that moment on, everything has just been a roller coaster ride. There were many times along the way when things didn't quite go as planned, but I quickly realized that the real estate market is quite a volatile market and not easy to predict. Even though we are not first time home buyers, I hadn't realized until now just how much work and effort you put into your job. We weren't the easiest of people to please either. We really didn't have the "ideal home" picked out. We liked a bungalow (well, E. did) then we liked a 2 story. The only thing we were sure of was the fact that we wanted to buy in the south part of Georgetown, and left the rest to you.

Thanks to both of you for making this such an outstanding and memorable experience. I know we are going to be very happy in our new home on Eaton Street. Our daughter is in heaven just thinking about entertaining her friends in the pool. There's plenty of room for my Mom and for E. to have their own space. And last but certainly not least (since we're paying the mortgage), E. and I will definitely enjoy the change of pace from Brampton to Georgetown and we'll get the opportunity to watch our kids, specifically my daughter, grow up in a better, friendlier atmosphere.

You can definitely count on us to recommend your services to anyone and everyone who is interested in buying or selling a home. In fact, I've already passed on your information to a fellow Go train rider who is looking to sell a home in Bolton.

Thanks again from the whole family!

The Paraskevas
1. What was the deciding factor for you in choosing the Hills Team?

Experience and past sales!

2. What stands out most in your mind about your Real Estate Experience?

Good communication and great staging service!!

3. How could the Hills Team improve?

Nothing - you guys were great, in every way! Thanks
Daphne & Wayne
1.What was the deciding factor for choosing the Hills Team?

Great recommendation from a mutual friend.

2. What stands out most in your mind about your Real Estate experience?

How informed and knowledgeable Matt was about all the neighborhoods in Georgetown.

3. How could the Hills Team improve to provide a more positive experience?

Can't think of anything. Matt made our buying and selling experience easy and stress free. There were no surprises or misleading information-it was an enjoyable stressfree experience.

Penny & Reade
What was the deciding factor for you in choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent you ? The Halton Homes Team was referred to me. We met with Matthew and within 5 minutes we knew.

What stands out most in your miond about your real estate experience.
How fast you sold my house!!

How could the HHT improve their service to provide a more positive experience?
They couldn't - they are excellent at what they do.
Having met Glenda prior to being in the market for a new home, when I was ready to purchase, I already knew I would feel comfortable in working with her.
When you think about your real estate experience what stands out most in your mind?
Paying attention to detail in what I was looking for in a home.
How could the Halton Homes team improve their service to you?
My experience with Glenda was positive. Glenda added a personal touch to her business dealings with us. We could not improve her service..she has much experience and it shows. She has a nice kind way of dealing with people. I enjoyed working with her.
N Larter
John - We sincerely appreciated the opportunity to list our home with you. You demonstrated a high degree of market competence and sincerity to our needs, which enabled us to have full confidence in your direction through the selling process. Our property was somewhat unique but you were discerning in negotiating the first offer to make it the best offer.

Matthew: We really appreciated your persistence in checking the new home on Churchill Crescent even though it was well over our budget. You had a good understanding of our unique needs and you knew that there would not be many homes for us to choose from. The decision making process was short and we were under pressure to make an offer, but you delicately negotiated on our behalf to ensure that our special needs were met.

You as a team, have really made this a positive experience for us and we are very grateful for that. We will highly recommend you to our friends and acquaintances. Thanks again for everything and we wish the best for you and your families.

Judy, Darrel & Ben Esau
Dear John and Matthew,
We want to thank you for the way in which you guided us through the house hunting and through the process of purchase and sale. We greatly appreciated your friendly and considerate manner; how you sought to understand and accommodate our needs and desires; and your patience with us while we looked at many properties and throughout our ponderous decision making.
We are glad that we decided to enlist your help. Your intimate knowledge of the area made the process easier. We came to trust you completely when you said, "This one's not for you," or "Don't even look at it."
Thank you!
John and Gloria Wilson
Matthew was refered to me by a friend at work who assured me that Matthew Hill could make the selling of our Brampton home and relocation to Halton Hills completely "stress-free". I had been warned by other people that buying and selling a home is one of the most stressful ordeals that a family will undertake. So after a skeptical snicker, I thought well I'd better at least give this Matthew Hill guy a call. I'm sure glad I did!

After taking the time to really understand the needs of our family, Matthew began showing us some homes. After viewing many homes, my husband and I ended up finding our dream home, a NEW home, instead. I was worried that this might alter the relationship I had with Matthew. To the contrary, he was just as helpful as if he was the one selling us that new house. With no monetary gain for him, Matthew helped to keep me informed, answer my questions and offer guidance and reassurance as we went through this buying process, the whole time not knowing if we would even list our current home with him. Needless to say we did. Our home in Brampton sold within a week! He skillfully negotiated the deal up to 98% of our asking price with the long closing date that we needed.

We are now happily settled into our new home in Acton, nerves still intact. Yes Matthew you've achieved the impossible. This really was stress-free. I rave about this experience to all of my friends and colleagues. I am so glad I made that phone call that day and that our family had the opportunity to share this experience with you Matthew!


Rebecca and Derrick Fulton

P.S. Matthew, a special thanks for coming with us for our pre-delivery inspection at the new home. It was so reassuring to have you there.
We are so appreciative of the service provided by Matt and John Hill that we thought someone should know just how valuable they are to the profession.

Our first encounter was with John who introduced us to Matt as he was just breaking into the business in the late 1990's. We were impressed with the integrity and sincerity of both individuals. We considered them friends, the kind that could be trusted to represent our interests in the complex field of today's real estate.

Matt's performance in this last transaction would have earned him no less than a placement in Donald Trump's empire. He used his expertise and sense of timing to get us the best deal on the property we purchased. In the words of the other agent involved in the sale of our home, "he hounded me to get an offer from my clients".

The depth of the service he provides did not stop there. We called on Matt to refer reputable tradespeople for minor repairs only to discover that a simple phone call to one of his connections uncovered a quick and easy way to do the repairs ourselves.

We could mention several other such occurrences but I think you get the picture. Matt is a credit to the profession and to Johnson Associates, and we would not hesitate to recommend both to friends and associates. Our heartfelt thanks to Matt and to Johnson Associates for contributing to our most recent successful home sale and purchase.

Marie and Rick Frechette
When you think about your Real Estate experience what stands out most in your mind?

Our realtor found a property that he felt would suit our needs and wants. It took an understanding beyond the ordinary to match the "possible with the practical". Great job in recommending a gem property.

How could the Hills Team improve their service to provide a more positive experience?

The experience was extremely positive and I am confident that our realtor will continue to go beyond and above even after the closing documents are signed. We trust the Hills team implicitly!
C and J
We chose Halton Homes Team to represent us because they were referred to by a friend.

What stands out most in our mind regarding our real estate experience is that the time frame was excellent. I was very satisfied with Anita H. She is very good at her job.
Sharon and Dorothy
Rating on scale : 1-5
Respect and courtesy 5
Your needs and interests put first 5
Professionalism: Real estate process explained 5
Knowledge shared with you was 5
Concerns and challenges dealt with 6
How confident are you in referring the Halton Homes Team 6
Overall opinion of your Real Estate experience 6

Describe your recent Real Estate Experience:

Answer: Could not be Better.

During our first meeting with Matt, it was clear that he was honest, genuine and knowledgeable. He clearly wanted to put our interests first and not just "sell a house". Matt recognized that it would be a process and we needed to see many different houses in many different areas in order to find the one that would become our home. With us, he visited 60 homes in 6 months! Matt is the epitome of service excellence. We have, and will continue to recommend his services to friends, family and colleagues. Thank you Matt!
Neil and Michelle
When you think about your real estate experience what stands out most in you mind?
Matt's responsiveness and willingness to help with many aspects of a sale + purchase, including for the lawn to be mowed!! Always going above and beyond even after the agreements have been finalized and signed!
The entire team was polite, respectful, and helpful (ie staging assistance)
Great job.. but hope we don't need you again for many years!!

Level of service marked as top grade '5' across the board:
Respect and Courtesy 5++
Your needs and interests put first
Professionalism: Real Estate process was explained
Knowledge shared with you
Concerns and challenges dealt with
Communication with you was
Confidence in referring the HHT to others
Overall opinion of your Real Estate experience
Sandra and Terry
We knew Anita previously, friends in the past have used the halton homes team and we have consistantly heard positive things. Although it took a little longer than expected, you can tell the halton homes team is a group of realtors who love what they do and are always excited to help. There is nothing in my mind that would have made our experience better than it was.

Thanks so much!!
Steven and Beverly
Three words that would describe our recent Real Estate experience with the Halton Homes Team are: very professional, courteous and good communication.
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent us was their knowledge of the Park District, being neighbors and friendship.
In what ways was having a Real Estate team work for you advantageous? The team works well with Matthew, John and Chris.
How could the experience be improved?
No need for improvement
John and Ann
The deciding factor in choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent us was Chris. We have used Chris in the past to purchase our last home and loved him!

Good knowledge of the process, accommodating, patient, friendly, and aggressive is what stands out most in our minds when we think about our Real Estate experience.

Service was rated Highest score in all areas:
Repect and courtesy
Your needs and interests put first
Professionalism: Real Estate process was explained
Knowledge shared
Concerns and challenges dealt with
Confidence in referring the Halton Homes Team to others
Overall Opinion of your Real Estate experience
Jessica and Quincy
We chose the HHT to represent us on the referral from a previous client.

What stands out most in our minds about our real estate experience with the HHT team is the professional way in which the transaction was handled.

We can't think of a single thing that could have improved our experience with the HHT team!
Bev and George
Chris Stewart!
We had a great time working with Chris on buying our new home. Would work with him again in a heart beat!

What stands out about your Real Estate experience what stands out most in your mind?.....that we actually had a good time!
Sandra & Charles
Which number best describes the level of service you experienced with the Halton Homes Team from a 1 (unsatisfactory) to 5(very good)?

We felt that they were very good across the board and rated them a 5 in respect and courtesy, our needs and interest being put first, professionalism, knowledge shared with us, concerns and challenges dealth with, communication, and how confident we are in referring the Halton Homes Team to Others.

Much time and effort was put in by the halton homes agents that worked with us.
Daniel and Alison
We rated their level of services from 1(unsatisfactory)-5 (very good)

Respect and courtesy 5!
Needs and interest put first 5!
Professionalism: Real estate process was explained 5!
Knowledge shared with us 5!
Concerns and challenges dealt with 5!
Communication with us 5!

Question 1: 3 words that describe your Real Estate experience?

Answer 1: Professional - Confidence - DONE!

Question 2: In what ways was having a Real Estate team work for you advantageous?

Answer 2: We had a wider, more expanded coverage of the market. Shared knowledge of team applied to our scale.

Great experience!
Sharron & Jeff
Chris...this has been an awesome experience, from our initial meeting, with tips on staging our home to the final steps when it was sold,and all our questions in between. We felt we were working with very knowledgable representatives in yourself and Matt. It was a seamless process. Your calm,patient approach, and prompt followup was amazing....We would recommend all of you to any needing any type of real estate service. We are truly grateful.

Gail Gault
Gail Gault
To prospective home buyers or vendors,

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew Hill of Johnson Associates when purchasing my home. After meeting to discuss what type of house I was looking for, Matthew first gave me an indication of which areas of town I would be able to look at in my price range and proceeded to show me a range of homes in as many different styles as possible.

When I was ready to make an offer on my chosen house, Matthew worked behind the scenes to negotiate the best deal possible for me, including a purchase price which was more than 10% less than listed, and many other complex issues. Matthew and his support team were available by telephone or email throughout the process, guiding me through each step and letting me know well in advance what to expect.

Matthew found time to visit after my closing date and view the subsequent improvements to the property.

I would feel very confident in recommending Matthew or anyone on his team when buying or selling a home in Halton Hills.
Louis Charles
I chose Glenda Hughes because she was a friend of Carol McMurray who is now retired and whom I have used in the past. I thought they must be the same type of person - honest and ethical. I found Glenda to have a pleasant personality coupled with a professional manner. It was a very pleasant experience and she was more than helpful.

I just wanted to pass on to you my most recent experience in dealing with one of your agents, Matthew Hill. I was transferred to the Greater Toronto Area from Northern B.C. by my employer, and although I was born and raised in Southwestern Ontario it had been about 20 years since I lived here. A decision was made by our family to choose Georgetown as the starting point of our house hunting. Fortunately, a colleague provided us with Matthew's name.

I contacted Matthew through his service and within minimal time Matthew had called me back. I had discussion over the phone with Matthew in which he asked me several questions regarding not only our housing needs but also made inquiries into our family needs. Matthew then sent us several houses that he felt would meet our needs via the internet. This was extremely helpful as we had minimal days to find a new house after traveling across the country.

Matthew met us on a Sunday with a list of houses to look at. As we drove from house to house Matthew made sure that he identified various school locations, parks, shopping and access to the highway. If we had a question regarding activities for our children and Matthew was unsure he was on the phone making inquiries for us. As we looked at houses Matthew continued to make inquiries about what we liked and disliked with various houses. Matthew drove us through some neighbourhoods that we planned on not looking at but he felt that we may after listening to us.

Finally after two long days of looking at over 20 houses, we were ready to make an offer. Matthew was very helpful in this process. He was realistic and honest in dealing with me. He was great in dealing with home inspectors, lawyers and insurance companies. By far it was the hardest home purchase I have made to date because of the distance, but it was also the easiest.

Matthew made himself available for any questions that I had when I returned to northern B.C. as well. Once again he would return my calls in short time.

I am employed in a business where communication is an importaht skill, as I believe it is in real estate. Matthew has excellent communication and people skills. As I have had the need to buy and sell houses across the country I have had many dealings with agents, and none have been as positive as this. My only concern is that my wife enjoyed the experience so much with Matthew that I think she wants to sell so we can start looking again.

Great experience Matthew, thanks.

Jamie, Susie, Allana and Ethan
Matthew Hill was simply great! Even my daughter Claudia enjoyed his company. I would recommend Matthew Hill to Anyone!
The deciding factor for choosing the Halton Homes Team to represent us was due to our fantastic experience with Anita in 2014 as the buyer there was no no hesitation to work together again as the seller in 2016.
What stands out in our mind was how well organized, helpful, friendly and always ready to answer any questions! Our staging was awesome as well!
A positive experience....Keep doing what you are doing!
Robet and Ashley
On a scale of 1-5 . 1 being unsatisfactory and 5 being very good please rate the service you experienced with the Halton Homes Team
Respect and Courtesty 5
Your needs and interest put first: 5
Professionalism: Real Estate process explained: 5
Knowledge share with you was: 5
Concerns and Challenges dealt with: 5
Communication: 5
How confident are you in referring the HHT team: 5
Overall opinion of Real Estate experience: 5

When you think about your Real Estate experience what stands out most in your mind?
Matthew's execution of the whole plan. He was flawless in his detail.

How could the HHT improve their service to you? Improve website, Virtual tour was fantastic but promote it more.

Thanks again Matthew. We will call you when we are moving back to Town.
Doug and Diane
Diane and Douglas
The deciding factors in choosing the Halton Homes team were simply: they were local to us and were recommended. We were thankful that the sale went so fast and that they understood our challenges with our work schedules and worked around them.
Three words that describe them would be Quick, Service and Availability.

Ellen and Steve

We rated the Halton Homes Team 5's across the board! We had a very good experience with Chris.

We decided to work with Chris through a referral from our previous Realtor in Guelph. We were pleased through the fast, efficient and friendly experience we had, everything about it was great!

Thank you Halton Homes Team!

Kevin and Andrea
I initially decided to choose the Halton Homes team to represent me after numerous recommendations from my family members. In doing so, they exceeded my expectations and gave me a more positive experience than I had expected. I got to work with very efficient and knowledgeable real estate agents that combine to make a very strong and experienced team.
Anita Huggins was a pleasure to work with. Thanks!
I was referred by a mutual friend and was new to the area. Matthew came highly recommended.
What stands out most is the positive and prompt responses , his excellent strategy suggestions for buying our new home and selling our existing properties.
The Real Estate experience could be more positive if all rea estate agents were as great as Matthew
Chris helped us with the purchase of our new home. Being first-time home buyers, we were not quite sure what to expect but Chris walked us through it every step of the way. I was astonished at how accommodating he was with his time. We found our dream home in no time at all and the whole process was so quick and painless! It was nice to know that he was just a quick phone call away whenever we had any questions.
The Pavacic Family, Orangeville
Pavacic Family
To whom it may concern.

Our realtor, Glenda Hughes, made our home buying experience a lot less painful. She listened to us, assessed our needs, and only showed us appropriate listings. She was thoughtful, helpful, and insightful. She seemed to ALWAYS be available and returned phone calls lightening fast! She really helped us make sense of a very confusing endeavour. We are forever grateful to have worked with her and if the need arises we will, without hesitation, choose Glenda again.

Susan and Robert
When we first started looking for homes in Georgetown, we were casually looking and already had a real estate broker that we had used in the past for our transactions in Brampton. At this point, we had not decided whether or not to call this broker again. We met John Hill at an open house one day in Georgetown and immediately felt a connection with him. It was most important to us to feel comfortable with our agent and to feel like we could trust them fully. From day one, John (and later on , Matthew) made us feel like we really mattered in this process. Everything they did was based upon our requests and concerns. Never once did we ever feel pressured by them. They were outstanding.

We do feel that the service we received from John and Matthew Hill was exemplary. John is a very patient man who takes the time to listen to your needs, wants, nice-to-haves and puts them all into perspective. His extensive experience in the business and particularly in the Georgetown community really shines through in the service he provides. He worked with us to help us decide what type of house would work best for us and took us only to homes that made sense. Never once did he take us to a house that was outside of our price range or that was not up to the standards we had set out with John. John was able to make us feel comfortable on even the craziest of days. Matthew is definitely on his way to a lengthy, prosperous career in real estate. He has the patience as well but also has the "go-getter" attitude and outlook to help us make quick decisions when necessary.

The response time when we placed a call or sent an email to either Matt or John was almost instant. They were always available and willing to accomodate our requests. Even after the closing on the new home, Matthew was right there to guide us around the new neighborhood, providing dining suggestions, local hot spots, and even some lessons on how to operate a water softener!

At first. we were only intending on using John and Matthew for the purchase in Georgetown, however once we got to know them better, we knew for sure that we also wanted to take advantage of their experience and professionalism to sell our house in Brampton. We could not have asked for a more professional, personal or satisfying experience!

I would not hesitate to recommend John and Matthew to whoever I know may be looking for a real estate agent. I am convinced that there is no way to beat the service they provided so why try!

Thanks again,
Lori and Errol Paraskevas and Family
I wanted someone who looked out for my best interests - Glenda was awesome. She not only was a great agent - she became someone who understood my situation and helped me cope. She was everything I needed and more. Thanks Glenda!
Hi Matt

I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you for all of your time and
expertise on selling our property.

Your staff have been so great to work with. They were there to help any
time we called, and they did it with professionalism and caring. I have
to tell you also that our lawyer was impressed with the package you
sent. They commented on how quickly it was sent and how everything that was needed was there in that one package. We didn't have to do a thing.

What a great team of people! We look forward to completion and we will
definitely be telling all of our friends on how good it was to work with
you and your team at Halton Homes.

Many thanks

D. and N. Shoebridge
Glenda Hughes has been my agent for more than five years. She has business finesse and savoir-faire, knowledge, experience and excellent communication skills. Glenda is backed by a dedicated support team (John, Matt and Heather) and a high performing agency (Johnson Associates). She has been an effective partner in all my important real estate transactions.
Eric Doubt
Matt Hill is not a "schmoozer" - he is authentic and professional! He is excellent at his job - knowledgeable, professional, customer-centric, courteous and friendly.
Jonathan and Tracey
Glenda was always available and no question or request on our part was ever considered trivial, but was acted on immediately. She was always upbeat - even when we were stressed out!! There was no way she could improve - she was perfect!!
Carolyn and Alan
Kelly and I just wanted to let you know that we are quite happy with the service you and John provide us in the search for this house! We found you to be professional, knowledgeable, straight forward and genuinely interested in our needs and wants. We are very appreciative for this. Good, let alone great customer service seems to be more and more difficult to find as time goes by, buy you and John are doing a great job.

It is our pleasure to recommend you to our friends and family, and look forward to doing business again when the time comes!

Best regards,

Andrew and Kelly Kingdon
The deciding factor for us choosing the Halton Home Team to represent us was that we have known John Hill for 20 years and he has helped us and other family members in the past.
Our Real Estate experience went fairly smoothly - we were lucky and our house sold in one week!
Keep up the good (hard) work Halton Homes Team!
Mr and Mrs. R Bradley
Matthew Hill
We just want to say we are really thrilled with how everything has turned out! We can't believe how efficient and helpful you were!
You made everything incredibly easy and pleasant. We are so glad you were our realtor!
We love our new place and are super excited.
Alan & Frank
Rating of Real Estate Experience 1-5 5 being very good!

Respect and courtesy 5
Your needs and interests put first 5
Professionalism:Real estate was explained 5
Knowledge shared with you 5
Concerns and challenges dealt with 5
Communication with you was 5
How confident are you referring the HHT 5
Overall opinion of your Real Estate experience 5

I experienced courtesy and professionalism in every aspect
We chose the Halton Homes team to represent us because they were referred to us.

When you think about your real estate experience with the Halton Homes Team what stands out most?

The ease of communication & professionalism of agents.

How could the Halton Homes Team provide a more postive experience?

We don't see any room for improvement
Christina & Daniel
Matthew & John,

Couldn't have done it without you. (Well, we could have but it wouldn't have been the same-not nearly as much fun or exciting.) It's been great working with both of you. Matthew special thanks for all the conversations and all the contacts for everything. You are great and we hope to see you and your family in the neighbourhood.


Candace, Dave and Nikki
After assisting our parent company Hauver Development Inc. in finding a property to build its new Tayden design home a full year ago, Matthew has been diligent in keeping up with the progress of the property. He took the time to assist along the way with building suggestions (2 car garage instead of 1, for example). Once we were comforatble with a price on the property Matthew already had a buyer lined up and within 24 hours the property was sold at 100% of the asking price.
Matthew was informative, knowledgeable and eager to help with our real estate needs! I recommend Matthew and his team without any hesitation, and will continue to use him as my realtor for both personal and professional transactions.
Michael Hauver
HauverCraft Renovations
We chose Glenda Hughes to sell our home because when we met her we immediately liked her and felt that she would be the agent who would ultimately sell our home.

She took beautiful pictures for our MLS listing and created a lovely brochure on the features of our home.

On our first day of showings we had an offer and we accepted. The inspection was a week later and our home was sold. It doesn't get any better than that.

We also used Glenda's services to purchase our new home and she was quite helpful.

Glenda is very professional and very warm. When you speak with her, you feel as if you have known her for a lifetime.

We would definitely use Glenda again for buying or selling a home.

Gordana and Jason

In late 2004, with our 2nd baby on the way and two home offices it was time for us to upgrade our home. We approached Matt, John, and Glenda to list our house.

Matt took the time to explain to us the process and did a comprehensive review of our property and others like it to come up with an asking price. At the time I was shocked that it was so high.

He gave us tips to help us stage our house and identified key areas that needed improvement prior to our first showing.

We took those suggestions to heart and they paid off. Our house sold in two days, for 98% of our list price. From what we understand it was the highest price ever paid for a house on that street up to that point.

With a conditional offer on our new house, we were relieved to have sold so quickly.

With Matt’s eagerness backed up by John and Glenda’s experience I don’t think we could have found a better team to deal with our biggest investment.

Ryan & Darlene
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